Handcrafted with love

Working with natural material sourced from my local area allows me to create unique Wreaths, garlands, candle displays and many other creative designs in dried and fresh flowers.

Not only are my handmade designs individual but they provide a lovely natural aroma that circulates around the home.

My naturally sourced materials are gathered and dried at my home, this allows me to ensure the materials I collect are perfect for the arrangements I build.  

What l do

 I create to order so whether its a wedding, christening, birthday or just a home display I can make to your requirements.

Four Seasons

My designs are created around the seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

As all my handcrafted creations are floral based I  move with seasons.

So arrangements are long lasting, varied and always colorful.

As almost all the materials I use are dried this makes them last indefinitely in the right conditions.  

Organically Sourced Materials

All hearts, wreaths, garlands and handmade crafted designs are built by materials I have sourced & foraged for locally.  They are all made by myself at home so all are unique no two  the same.

Foraging takes time a keen eye and many miles of walking. On the plus side my cocker spaniel is incredibly fit!

Flower Arranging by Andrea

One thing that comes with age is experience.

 My floral arrangements, bouquets, centre pieces, wedding flowers

 are all created with a rustic twist. 

If you want a standard plain bouquet i'm not your lady,

 but if you want creative, imaginative, 

tailored designs  give me a call.